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General Information



The Music Library of Greece “Lilian Voudouri” was created by the Friends of Music Society to meet the needs of all Greek music lovers. It makes available – for the first time in Greece – a large collection of information and study material on music to visitors, but also to distant users.

The collections of the library focus on these areas: Western Music, Greek art music from antiquity and the Byzantine period to the present, Greek folk music, including the Rebetika, traditional music from all parts of the world, and jazz.




Reading Room Α'

Reading Room Β'

Reception - Quick Reference

The library provides the following services to its users: 

the online catalogue of all its materials, also accessible from outside the Library via internet
workstations in the Reading room for reading, listening, and access to electronic resources, like CD-ROMs, databases, and the Internet
Educational and Research programmes (public lectures, orientation programmes, etc.)
the website, which can be entered by interested users from all parts of the world, and especially:
the online communication by means of the website (Ask a Librarian, Newsletter), as well as
the unique musicological information programmes (Notebook, Lists of works, etc.) of its website

The Library’s collections are increasing continuously and comprise at present approximately 140.000 titles in total.
More particularly, 85.000 titles in Greek and foreign books as well as musical scores, 23.000 volumes in microforms, 710 periodical titles, 22.000 recordings, and a rich collection of audio-visual materials. In addition, 207 electronic editions and multimedia on various subjects, quite a few rare editions, concert programs (catalog available only in Greek) and many manuscripts.

Visitors of the Library have access to the internet and to several online databases to which the Library subscribes, such as music dictionaries (Grove Music Online), bibliographic databases (RILM, Proquest) and other.

The Archives of Greek Music form an important part of the library’s collections, consisting of a large number of printed books, scores, and sound recordings on Greek art music from antiquity and the Byzantine period to the present, as well as Greek folk music, including the Rebetika. It includes a number of Composer’s archives and other Special collections consisting of manuscripts and rare books.

Besides the musical material, the library’s collections include also a considerable number of books on Ancient Greek Art, the Theatre, Literature, Philosophy, and the Fine Arts in general.

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