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Digital Library

DIGMA - Digital Greek Music Archive

The Music Library of Greece “Lilian Voudouri” was created by the Friends of Music Society, in order to provide scientific information on music to its visitors and Internet users both in Greece and abroad.

The Library’s reference material focuses primarily on Western Music and includes significant collections concerning Ancient Greek Art, Theatre, Literature, Philosophy and Fine Arts. The Greek Music Archive is a significant part of the Library’s collection and has a rich bibliography and discography about ancient, Byzantine, folk, rembetiko and scholarly Greek music which is constantly being enriched. It also includes important archives of composers and rare collections.

A new thematic site about Greek music was created within the programme Creation of a complete unit of documentation and promotion of Greek music, funded by the operational programme “Information Society” (3rd European Community Support Framework, 2000–2006); it includes the digitised archives of the composers Mikis Theodorakis, Εmilios Riadis, George Poniridis, Frank Choisy, the Nileas Kamarados Archive, the collections of manuscripts and Greek Songs that belong to the Library and also the Domna Samiou Archive, which belongs to the “Domna Samiou Cultural Society of Folk Music”.

This significant thematic documentation of Greek music includes more than 260,000 digitized documents of unique cultural value; they are the source for every researcher interested in Greek music. These documents can be utilized for the interdisciplinary creation of cultural services, always subject to intellectual property law.

Certain categories of documents are not available online; i.e. documents related to public organizations, corporations and personal documents. All material that integrates in the above-mentioned categories is accessible only within the Library premises.

The information is given in Greek and English and it is also accessible to people with special needs.

A stroll in modern history through the documents of Mikis Theodorakis' Archive 

An interactive application which, covering 60 years of action of composer and politician Mikis Theodorakis, serves as an educational tool towards the exploration of the material of composer's archive using new technologies.

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