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Library Catalogue

The Library’s new Catalog includes all the titles (books, scores, recordings etc.) found in the Library's collections. You can search for a title with the help of a number of indexes. More than 35.000 titles have already been processed, some of which are accompanied by brief descriptions, pictures, and/or sound examples.

In addition, and because the Library’s main concern is how to best serve your individual needs, we have created a new database named Acquisitions. It will be available to the public for the first time and you will able to use it as supplement to the Catalog. For the most part, this database will include items that have been received and are not yet cataloged. In other words, when a new item arrives in the Library, it will be show up in the Acquisitions database while the Cataloging Process begins. However, by no means can the Acquisitions database take the place of the Library’s Catalog which offers multiple searching possibilities and a complete catalog record for each item. The Acquisitions list will offer only a short title description but will inform readers of all titles received and waiting to be cataloged.

Information, Catalogs or databasesof Library’s Serials, Multimedia and Microforms are also provided.

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